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What We Do

Constantly varied, functional movement at your capacity.

What this means is that sometimes we lift things, sometimes we push things, sometimes we run, sometimes we row, sometimes we go all out, other times we move with control. We make you better at basic things like squatting, bending, pulling, sitting, kneeling, running, jumping. We prepare you for anything, we make you good at everything.

 Sure we like hitting new PRs and getting competitive, but the true tests happen daily: carrying shopping bags, lifting suitcases, playing with kids, walking up the stairs, running for the bus. And we want to make sure you're really really good at all of these.




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Common Issues
Common Issues we see at Solas
CrossFit Solas
Defining CrossFit - Greg Glassman
Defining CrossFit
Greg Glassman
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Train at CrossFit Solas
CrossFit Solas


Absolutely love this gym. Top class coaches who get the best out of you and a lovely friendly atmosphere. Couldn’t recommend highly enough! - Emily



After following the Solas Nutrition plan, I dropped 10kg for my wedding. The best part was I found it really easy. Within a matter of 2-3 weeks I found that I was enjoying the way I was eating. Won't be going back to my old ways.  -Ger

Great gym, great instructors, great members - I was a member in Westwood and Crunch for years and it was always a struggle to stay motivated to go and when I did go I never saw any real results! I joined Crossfit Solas just over a year ago and I have not looked back. I actually look forward to going to the gym now where in the past it was often a struggle The gym caters for all levels of fitness and you will always have an instructor nearby to help/advise/motivate you which ends up with results! They will also help you with your nutrition which is often the hardest area to get right. I couldn't recommend this gym highly enough - Ian and his team do an amazing job - Colm


I enquired to train at CrossFit Solas because I was struggling to climb a small step ladder in my house to change a bulb. 6 months after joining, I signed up to be a member of a boating club, something I thought I would never do after not having played sports my whole life - Barbara 

Great crew, attentive and supportive instruction, great atmosphere. Suitable for all levels. Would thoroughly recommend. 
Warning - highly addictive! - Ben


I like the way the coaches at CrossFit Solas always try to pull you back in when you go a bit off track around Christmas, summer etc. I've never trained in a gym before where a coach would call/text me if I hadn't been in for a few days. It's nice to have that accountability and support network - Aoife 

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