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Our Most Popular Programme

Solas Training

Suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, this programme is designed to make you look good, feel good and train injury free. We are not into crash diets or crash training. We are about getting stronger, healthier, and more resilient together. The daily workouts incorporate a strength piece, resistance training with smart tempo/rest periods and volume considerations. This is followed by a metabolic conditioning piece designed to build and develop good movement patterns, stability, mobility and fitness. With a 1:10 coach to member ratio, the coach will tailor each piece to your specific needs. 

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"Absolutely love this gym. Top class coaches who get the best out of you and a lovely friendly atmosphere. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!"




Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Competitive Training


If you've got that competitive drive and want to take CrossFit a bit more seriously, this track is for you. This programme is biased toward movements and intensities that are used more frequently in competition. Good movement patterns form the foundation of this plan on top of which we build on strength, olympic weightlifting and technically challenging gymnastic movements. If you're following this track prepare to have homework - nutrition, mobility, recovery are all integral to your success. 

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“Great crew, attentive and supportive instruction, great atmosphere. Suitable for all levels. Would thoroughly recommend. Warning - highly addictive!




Movement, Bone Health, Health

CrossFit Health

As we age, we understand how difficult it can be to stay on top of your physical wellbeing and we also recognise how intimidating it can be to go to a gym. We've developed a custom studio and programme specifically aimed at 55+ years of age. With small class sizes and a highly personalised touch, this programme is perfect for anyone looking to just move and fell well, particularly for those recovering from surgery. 

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“I enquired to train at CrossFit Solas because I was struggling to climb a small step ladder in my house to change a bulb. 6 months after joining, I signed up to be a member of a boating club, something I thought I would never do after not having played sports my whole life ”




12+ year old group classes

CrossFit Teens

We have a passion to bring fitness to young adults. Scientific research proves exercise benefits all facets of development, physical and cognitive. We want to make fitness fun and being fit & healthy desirable. In this class, your child will learn the principles of mechanics, consistency and intensity in working out. Establishing good movement and fitness through childhood and adolescence is our primary goal. We provide children with physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries. 

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“I've never seen my child so excited, especially to go and spend an hour working out”




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