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We’re into getting stronger, fitter and healthier forever.

We believe in the motivation and atmosphere that group training with a community of like-minded people on the gym floor. Training here means having a constantly evolving personalised programme that takes you from year 1, to year 5, to the rest of your life.


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Step 1

Get in touch - We know you have questions like am I fit enough? What programme can I do? How do I start? And we want to know about you! What are your health and fitness goals? So let's talk! 



Step 2

Book a free no commitment intro session. 

Come in, meet our community and work with our experienced coaches. We will walk you through the workout of the day, the programme options and how we can support your goals. 


Step 3

Join CrossFit Solas & Be Coached by the Best

As a member you will follow an On Ramp for the first 2-4 weeks. In these classes, we will teach you technique and work on the fundamental movements of our program as well as modifications. Join a community of members who come through the door everyday with the intentions of becoming the best they can possibly be. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I have an injury or medical condition?
Do I have to book ahead of time?
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