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Why CrossFit Solas?

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Everyone comes in wanting different things. Before getting started, we want to make sure before that you have a clear picture of who we are and likewise, we know who you are so that we are setting you up for success. Fill out the form below and we will get in touch before the day ends.

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CrossFit Health (55yr+)

Step 1: Let's Talk

Your journey at Solas starts with a consultation. We talk about your goals, experience, where you’re at and most importantly, where you want to go.

Step 2: Assessment

Optional assessment where we go deep to figure out your current physical ability, movement patterns, strengths and weaknesses. Using this information we're able to create a more personalised training experience.

Step 3: Training

You train in one of our 50 weekly classes as part of a community. All of your training sessions are monitored by an experienced, professional coach.

Step 4: Lifestyle

The gym is only 1 hour of your day. What happens in the other 23 hours? Once a member, you will begin the journey of optimising your nutrition, lifestyle, and recovery which then helps us maximise the results you get from your time in the gym. 

Step 5: Results

Our coaches don’t just talk about results, they deliver them. We help define what fitness means to you, and evolve your goals and training as you grow.